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Top 10 Popular Structured Data-Checking Services for Websites

    Structured Data Checking Services for Websites

    Here’s a list of the top 10 popular structured data-checking services for websites, along with a brief description of the benefits they offer:

    1. Google Rich Results Test is a free tool provided by Google that allows you to test and validate structured data markup on your website. It provides feedback on the validity of your structured data and shows how your content may appear in Google search results.
    2. The Structured Data Testing Tool is another free tool from Google that helps you check the validity of structured data markup on your web pages. It provides a detailed analysis of your structured data and helps ensure it follows the recommended guidelines.
    3. The Schema Markup Validator is a tool provided by, a collaboration between major search engines. It allows you to validate your structured data against various schemas and ensures its adherence to the standard guidelines.
    4. W3C Markup Validator Service is a tool offered by World Wide Web Consortium. It helps you validate and check the structured data markup on your website in various document formats, ensuring its compatibility with worldwide rules and guidelines.
    5. The JSON-LD Playground is a powerful tool for testing and validating JSON-LD structured data. It allows you to input your JSON-LD code, validate its syntax, and preview how the data is interpreted by search engines and other applications.
    6. Yandex Structured Data Validator is a tool provided by Yandex Webmaster Tools. It helps you check the validity of your structured data markup according to Yandex’s search engine guidelines.
    7. The Facebook OpenGraph Markup Debugger allows you to validate and test your structured data markup for republication on social networks. It helps ensure that your content is properly formatted for enhanced visibility on the social platforms.
    8. The Ryte Structured Data Helper is a Chrome plugin that checks the validity of your structured data markup. It helps you identify and fix errors, ensuring your structured data follows the correct syntax and guidelines.
    9. The Structured Data Generator and Validator by RankRanger is a comprehensive structured data creating and testing tool that allows you to create and validate your structured data against various schema types. It provides detailed reports, error detection, and recommendations for improving your structured data markup.
    10. The Google EMail Markup Tester is a tool that verifies that your structured data markup is correct for the HTML code of the emails you are about to send. If you want to expand your newsletters’ possibilities, this is worth considering.

    These popular structured data checking services help website owners and developers ensure the accuracy and validity of their structured data markup. They offer various features, syntax validation, and error detection capabilities to ensure your structured data follows the recommended guidelines and improves your website’s visibility in search engine results.