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Books in the “Build and Monetize Your Own WordPress Website” Series

Build and Monetize Your Own WordPress Website; Book Series for Non-Techies

About the “Build and Monetize Your Own WordPress Website” book series

This series contains 6 books and 6 planners. The main idea of the series is to cover all tasks associated with all stages of the life cycle and stages of website development.

In this site category, you will find a detailed description of each book in the series; you can see its table of contents and sample pages and find out whether it is already available for purchase and where you can buy it.

Work on the series is not finished yet; it continues. You can follow its progress by subscribing to the newsletter. Your comments and suggestions that, in your opinion, need to be taken into account when preparing updates or new editions of the books in the series you can send directly to the author. In that case, you can use the contact form to contact the author directly.

The books are available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book versions.

Books in the series

1. WordPress Website Building 101

The original intention of this book was to explain everything about websites to completely unskilled people as if they were 5 years old. During the writing process, it turned out that the author, who began creating websites back in the last millennium, would do well to explain something to himself. As a result, this book appeared. It, as expected, is designed for unprepared people, but these are not the people with whom the author has dealt for many years.
These are not customers who expect a ready-to-go website that must meet the marketing department’s requirements. They don’t need explanations; they themselves are ready to explain anything to anyone at any time.
These are future website owners who themselves want to formulate requirements for their websites and intend to create them themselves, too, without having any prior preparation for this and relying only on their own capabilities. They need comprehensive and accurate explanations that they themselves can put into practice when creating websites or ordering work.
Therefore, the book turned out to be very detailed. As detailed as a person needs, who must be prepared from scratch to create his own website at the level of proficiency in concepts, terms, and theoretical knowledge without immersion in technology and codes.
The book’s purpose is precisely that a person with no previous experience or knowledge in creating websites can form a detailed concept and work out the main aspects of the technical appearance of his own future website without outside help.
A companion planner, “Website Concept Planner,” was created for this book to complete this work successfully and as efficiently as possible.

More information about the book “WordPress Website Building 101.”

More information about the “Website Concept Planner.”

2. Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch

There are quite a few books with a similar title. Among them, you can find genuine pearls, the authors of which deserve the best praise. But if we are talking about a series like the one we are discussing now, then such a book must necessarily be in it, right?
Of course, every author is driven to a certain extent by a desire for originality. In this case, we are dealing with originality of a slightly different kind. This originality is akin to pedantry and scrupulousness.
The purpose of this book is to help the person who, at best, has read the first book in our series and has nothing more than a blank notebook (Planner, of course, is better), a pencil, and the intention of creating his own website and making him the owner of such a website.
That’s right: to make an inexperienced person the owner of his own website, technically of quite high quality, completely ready to be filled with content.
The book had to be made as detailed as possible to make this difficult task truly feasible. Each particular task has many explanations, including screenshots. All tasks are arranged in a continuous technological chain. Each task has a starting point, a way to check the solution’s success, and a step to the next task.
At the end of the last task, a working website awaits you. Your own website, which is created, configured, and prepared for filling with content with your hands.
To keep all this work within a reasonable time frame and not lose control over it, you, of course, better use the Website Development Planner.

More information about the book “Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch.”

More information about the “Website Development Planner.”

3. Create Content and Do SEO on Your WordPress Website

This is the third book in the series, which describes the process of actually filling a website. It contains concentrated knowledge and descriptions of actions that can determine its success. Of course, if its thematics are attractive to visitors.
This book looks at every type of content from every angle. The dive into the topic of content preparation is very deep and detailed.
This book aims to teach you how to fill a website with technically high-quality content of various types.
If you know the topic of your site well, know how to write good texts, prepare images, and “master the material,” then you are in for a surprise. What you have prepared but have not yet published on the site is not content. This is the basis of the content.
Content is everything you have, plus some “secret knowledge,” and, most importantly, mastery of technical features and tools and their correct application in practice. All this is needed for you to have content on your website. The kind of content that will make your site a successful competitor for those who are already working in your thematic niche. Content that has deep and comprehensive SEO built into it.
Filling out a website is a fairly routine technical job. If you are passionate about the topic of your site, then it will not seem too difficult to you as long as there are few published posts. It’s always easier to start. It is much more challenging to maintain a high pace of work and not lose interest in it.
To avoid blowing fuses, you will need to organize your publications and streamline your efforts. To solve this problem successfully, a specialized Planner was created.
By preparing content according to the methods and practices described in this book, you can successfully fill your site with content and ready it to open to visitors.

More information about the book “Create Content and Do SEO on Your WordPress Website.”

More information about the “Website Content Creation Planner.”

4. Promote Your WordPress Website Perfectly

Perhaps more has been written about promoting book websites than about creating them. Many video courses, webinars, trainings, and even schools and academies are available on this topic.
This phenomenon is easy to explain.
Website promotion is not about attracting traffic but attracting visitors. In other words, clients. And the client is the person who pays the money. Therefore, website promotion is the way to make money. Therefore, website promotion is the most commercialized activity on the Internet.
Of course, the downside of traffic is advertising. Banners, ads, audience segmentation, targeting, high coverage, considering interests, etc.
It would be best if you did not think you have to pay for traffic with money. Also, please don’t assume that you can get it for free. The truth, as usual, is in the middle.
This book aims to help you find a balanced approach that will work well in practice and allow you to “attract traffic” and solve many related problems. The success of a website among the audience is the sum of many components, and you need to be able to navigate their diversity.
Website promotion, working with audiences, analyzing results, and planning actions are very diverse fields of activity. To keep the situation under control, you will need a specialized Planner.

More information about the book “Promote Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

More information about the “Website Promotion Planner.”

5. Maintain Your WordPress Website Perfectly

There is a widespread stereotypical opinion that website maintenance is a secondary task, the solution of which is assumed automatically. Many inexperienced website owners believe this task is straightforward and requires occasional attention and little effort.
Understanding the importance of website maintenance usually comes unexpectedly and is accompanied by highly unpleasant side effects, including the collapse of the entire project. The reasons for such a disaster may, at first glance, be insignificant and insignificant.
Having the right point of view on this issue is extremely important. You also need to understand that website maintenance is not only its performance but also its development, making it possible to withstand competition and win.
This book covers all areas of maintaining a functioning website. In it, you will find descriptions of specific problem situations, proven practical ways to overcome them, and descriptions of techniques for ensuring site security and data integrity. Here, we discuss possible directions for increasing the site’s capabilities and developing its functionality.
Of course, this work has a lot of routine, which should be organized wisely to ensure that all necessary actions are always completed on time and carefully documented. A special Planner has been developed for this purpose.

More information about the book “Maintain Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

More information about the “Website Maintenance Planner.”

6. Monetize Your WordPress Website Perfectly

Monetization, earnings, passive income, sales, subscriptions, etc. The questions that concern most website owners require answers and do not always receive them – all these questions are entirely reasonable. The purpose of business is to receive money for goods and services. The goal of professional activity is to sell one’s competencies.
Everything related to making money, which is connected to websites in one way or another, is readily discussed even by those who have never had their own website, no, and never will. This, frankly speaking, is a harrowing and vital topic.
A person who creates a website for some purpose spends part of his life on it. For a person to live, modern civilization requires him to be able to earn money. The circle has closed, and our task is to make its radius, expressed in monetary units, as large as possible.
What is needed for this? Who is ready to pay you money? How much can you earn? How to do everything possible for this? What place does a website occupy in modern monetization schemes? What monetization problems does it solve? How does he do this?
These are the most common questions. Of course, there are answers to them. There are also answers to private questions. In this book, you will find these answers and need to create your own money trajectory based on the information you receive.
A specialized Planner was developed to record the actions taken to monetize Internet activities and control the results obtained.

More information about the book “Monetize Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

More information about the “Website Monetization Planner.”



WordPress WebSite Building 101 - the front cover view

WordPress WebSite Building 101

    Book #1. All about the work required to create a website and its subsequent operation. The book’s purpose is to prepare the inexperienced reader to create a high-quality modern website on their own.

    Create Content and Do SEO on Your WordPress Website - the front cover view

    Create Content and Do SEO on Your WordPress Website

      Book #3. Detailed practical guide to filling your website with content. A complete description of the process of preparation and SEO optimization of various types of content and preparation of the created site for opening to visitors.

      Promote Your WordPress Website Perfectly

      Promote Your WordPress Website Perfectly

        Book #4. Detailed practical guide to attracting visitors and getting traffic from various sources. The book contains information that allows you to increase site traffic from scratch to significant figures.

        Maintain Your WordPress Website Perfectly

        Maintain Your WordPress Website Perfectly

          Book #5. Comprehensive guide to the technical support of a website, protecting it from attacks and preserving its content and performance. The book provides descriptions of practical problems using specific examples with explanations.

          Monetize Your WordPress Website Perfectly

          Monetize Your WordPress Website Perfectly

            Book #6. Detailed guide and reference book on the methods, features, and practices of website monetization. The book describes ways to solve practical problems when monetizing a website in accordance with its features and purpose.

            Printed Books Continue to Be the Best Choice

            Printed Books Continue to Be the Best Choice

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