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Planners in the “Build and Monetize Your Own WordPress Website” series

Planners in the

About the planners included in the “Build and Monetize Your Own WordPress Website” series

This series contains 6 books and 6 planners. The series, which covers all tasks associated with all life cycle stages and website development, is purely practical. Therefore, the series includes not only books but also planners. Each Planner is closely related to its Book and complements its content.

Each Planner:

• reflects the content and structure of the Book with which it is associated,
• designed to solve all problems related to its specialization,
• has a structure associated with the sequence of tasks to be solved,
• designed for the timely planning of activities,
• provides detailed documentation of completed actions.

Due to this, each Planner performs the functions of a workbook, a complete list of tasks to be solved, a basic program of work and actions, the Planner itself, and a work journal. In short, it is a WorkBook, Planner, and LogBook simultaneously.

At the beginning of each Planner is a page with QR codes. These codes lead to this site – to the pages containing publications on a specific topic. This allows you to access the necessary information, which is kept up-to-date and constantly updated.

For ease of use, the planners are made of the same volume and have a convenient format suitable for writing with a pen or pencil. For text, lines, tables, and all other graphic objects in Planners, a neutral gray color is used, which does not interfere with the perception of handwritten text.

Planners are aimed at use by owners of websites built on WordPress. At the same time, their structure is such that they can be used for sites built on other CMSs.

Each Planner can serve as a working tool and a hard copy of information about planned and completed work. This is exceptionally convenient and practical if a team, rather than one person, is working on the website or if this information must be controlled by the client for whom the website is being created.

In this category you will find more detailed descriptions of the Planners of the series, you can familiarize yourself with their tables of contents and example pages. The descriptions of the Planners contain links to pages where they can be purchased.

The planners come in paperback and hardcover versions.

Planners in the series

1. Website Concept Planner

People very often come up with great ideas that can serve as the basis of a business. Writing down and organizing these ideas on paper is also a great idea.
When a person far from website creation technologies thinks about the concept of his website to provide information support for his business or professional activity, he has to search and find answers to many questions. In this case, “many” is not a figure of speech because there are a lot of questions, and the answers to them must be sought and recorded! If you do not record ideas and answers to questions, then, most likely, shortly, you will have to spend time on completely unproductive searches for found and forgotten answers, some of which, alas, may turn out to be forgotten too firmly.
This Planner is a tool designed to solve the problem of documenting all the answers to questions, recording ideas, and remembering the features associated with the concept of a future website. It brings together the experiences of many people who have had to think through the concepts of their own sites (or sites of clients) and considers many details.
This Planner will help you preserve and not lose all your ideas, intentions, creative discoveries, and plans.
This Planner is a companion to the book “WordPress Website Building 101.” As you read this book and fill out the Planner, you will become someone who can create a WordPress website independently.

More information about the “Website Concept Planner.”

More information about the book “WordPress Website Building 101.”

2. Website Development Planner

Many believe website creation starts with visiting a webmaster or installing WordPress and ends with monetization.
This is too simplified, or rather, an “enlarged” vision.
The development itself precedes the monetization stage, the stage of filling the site with content, the stage of its promotion, and the long process of its maintenance throughout the project’s life.
It is most convenient and practical to call website development the stage that begins with domain name registration and ends with complete readiness to fill the website with content. This is a very technical approach to determining the site’s life cycle stage, and it adequately captures the essence of what is happening. At this stage, you will have to put into practice most of the ideas that make up the concept of your future website.
Psychologically, this stage is the most important because you enter it with, at best, a well-developed concept documented in the Website Concept Planner. You have no experience yet, you know very little, a lot scares you, and you have little idea of what lies ahead.
There is no need to be afraid. As Lao Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” You have decided to take this road, so the first step is inevitable. For the first step and the entire journey to be successful, you must constantly control everything.
The Planner, explicitly designed for the website development stage, will help you get used to strict control of the tasks being performed. With it, you manage the development process, not just mechanically performing the required actions.

This Planner is a companion to the book “Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch.” Once you’ve read this book, done everything in it, and documented your results in the Planner, you’ll have a fully functioning WordPress website ready to be filled with content.

More information about the “Website Development Planner.”

More information about the book “Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch.”

3. Website Content Creation Planner

If you know the topic of your site well and can quickly create high-quality texts and illustrations, then you need a simple and reliable tool that will help you document everything you do. This Planner can be just such a tool for you.
This Planner consists mainly of blocks of information related to posts. For people who pick it up for the first time, their first reaction is: “Shouldn’t we have all this information in a spreadsheet?” After the experiment, none of those who used this Planner returned completely to spreadsheets. The reaction of these people changed to “This Planner has dramatically speeded up my work; it complements spreadsheets perfectly and makes them easier to structure and work with.”
Perhaps this is precisely the case when the classic printed Planner can perfectly complement spreadsheets, even if it plays the role of a draft. This is unsurprising – for any Planner, this role is the main one by default.
The Planner entries related to posts are very compact. This allows you to capture and view information about posts very quickly and efficiently.
This Planner is a companion to the book “Publish Content and Perform SEO on Your WordPress Website.” The book describes the content creation process in great depth and detail, in tandem with a simultaneous comprehensive study of on-site SEO. In Planner, these details can be specified for each published post. The planner is designed for 300 posts.
This Planner does not include the work required to prepare a website for opening to visitors, although it is described in the accompanying book. They entered the “Website Promotion Planner.”

More information about the “Website Content Creation Planner.”

More information about the book “Publish Content and Perform SEO on Your WordPress Website.”

4. Website Promotion Planner

Website promotion begins at the moment its concept is formed. But technically, this stage begins during the work to prepare it for opening to visitors. These works are not included in the previous Planner so as not to unnecessarily increase its volume and not exclude them from the promotion stage to which they belong in their meaning and purpose.

Promoting a website consists of many tasks that may seem unrelated. This is the specificity that is inherent in this stage.

Website promotion is a versatile process in which every little detail is essential. All small achievements gradually add to significant progress, but just one small mistake can instantly destroy the results of long, painstaking work. That is why everything done to promote a website must be carefully planned and documented.

This is exactly what the Planner we are talking about is for.

This Planner is a companion to the book “Promote Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

More information about the “Website Promotion Planner.”

More information about the book “Promote Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

5. Website Maintenance Planner

Sometimes, even experienced people are pretty careless about maintaining their websites. If you meet a person who claims that this type of activity can be easily entrusted to the technical support service of the hosting provider or, if necessary, involve freelancers to solve problems that arise, then do not believe this person. He did not have the opportunity to be convinced of his frivolity due to luck, or he simply does not have his own website, or the website does not play a noticeable role in his life.

Another aspect: website maintenance is not only about eliminating problems that arise. Every successful website needs to evolve. This means that over time, it should become more convenient and attractive for visitors, offer new opportunities, and in no case lag behind competitors. Improving the design, adding new interactive elements, connecting new functions – all this is necessary, like air.
And then there are hacker attacks, urgent updates, unscheduled backups, and much more.
If a web studio created your website, then it is likely that the same web studio is responsible for its maintenance. And, of course, it costs quite a lot.
But the good thing about WordPress is that it allows you to create a website yourself! Who, in this case, can handle website maintenance better than anyone?
Of course, this is the same person who created the website. That is you. You need the knowledge you gained from the books in this series and a specialized Planner that will allow you to organize all the website maintenance work.
This Planner is a companion to the book “Maintain Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

More information about the “Website Maintenance Planner.”

More information about the book “Maintain Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

6. Website Monetization Planner

The work associated with website monetization requires using all available opportunities and meticulous planning and control. There are no insignificant or minor details in this work, and most importantly, it requires accurate and regular monitoring of information and indicators that are not directly related to the site’s functioning.
This is quite an independent job; therefore, it can be difficult for a person who alone created a site and solves all the issues related to its functioning and maintenance to keep in mind everything related to monetization.
However, the website remains at the center of this work. The website is connected to external services and systems; it is involved in various processes that generate independent statistics and require additional attention.
This Planner has been developed for successful planning and monitoring of the results of monetization work. It is designed for one year of work.

This Planner is a companion book to the book “Monetize Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

More information about the “Website Monetization Planner.”

More information about the book “Monetize Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”



WordPress Website Concept Planner

WordPress Website Concept Planner

    Planner #1 covers all aspects of creating a website concept. The Planner starts with general information and ends with you being ready to create your own website.

    WordPress Website Development Planner

    WordPress Website Development Planner

      Planner #2 covers all work on creating and setting up a website from scratch. The Planner starts with the domain name registration and ends with you having a website that is ready for content.

      WordPress Website Content Creation Planner

      WordPress Website Content Creation Planner

        Planner #3 covers all the work to fill your site with high-quality content. The Planner starts with the site’s semantic core and contains a detailed list of SEO-optimized posts.

        WordPress Website Promotion Planner

        WordPress Website Promotion Planner

          Planner #4 covers all the work to attract visitors and increase site traffic. The Planner begins from the moment the site is opened and documents all possible activities for its successful promotion and the results obtained.

          WordPress Website Maintenance Planner

          WordPress Website Maintenance Planner

            Planner #5 covers all the activities to keep your site safe and running well. The Planner contains three main sections – for daily, weekly, and monthly work.

            WordPress Website Monetization Planner

            WordPress Website Monetization Planner

              Planner #6 covers numerous areas and ways of website monetization. The Planner allows you to plan, control, and track all actions, parameters, criteria, and results of monetization tasks.

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