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WordPress Website Concept Planner

    WordPress Website Concept Planner

    “Website Concept Planner” is a companion Planner to the book “WordPress Website Building 101.” You’ll also need it filled as a reference to plan website configuration during the website creation phase covered in the book “Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch.”

    The “WordPress Website Building 101” book provides explanations, examples, and specific initial steps throughout the website lifecycle. While the website has not yet been created, your task is to conduct market research as efficiently as possible, examine your intentions, take stock of ideas, and explore all the possibilities available for practical application.
    As a result of all this work, you need to form a complete concept for the site, which can serve as the basis for tasks for its creation. The very tasks that you will give to yourself or to specialists who will help you do this.

    How does Website Concept Planner work?

    Website Concept Planner is not just a notebook for jotting down your ideas about what your website should be.
    This is a structured practical guide, the table of contents of which is a specific program of action built in the correct logical sequence. This program must be completed point by point, following the sequence. Each item in this program leads to specialized pages designed to record relatively complete and detailed information about specific tasks.

    The dedicated Planner pages are fairly self-documenting; you should have no trouble understanding what you will write down on those pages.

    Based on the knowledge you gained from the book and acting by this Planner, you will be able to successfully solve the problem of forming the concept of your future website with a fairly high level of quality. This will be your first big step towards professionally solving website creation problems.

    WordPress Website Concept Planner - side view

    What’s inside the Website Concept Planner?

    This is the contents (in brief) of the Planner.

    • Links
    • The Project
      • Project Idea
      • Project Mission
      • Objective of the Project
      • General Project Schedule
      • The Project Team
      • Additional Notes
    • Market Analysis
      • Market Sector
      • The Project Niche
      • Key competitors
      • SWOT Analysis
      • Website Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
      • USP Template
      • Additional Notes
    • General Website Concept
      • Website Title
      • Website Description
      • Website Thematic Categories
      • Site Content Options
      • Website Audience
      • Website Semantic Core Preview
      • Website Content Plan Preview
      • Website Promotion Options
      • Website Monetization Options
      • Additional Notes
    • Website Implementation Concept
      • Domain Name Variations
      • Hosting Companies Shortlist
      • Website Configuration
      • Website Design Requirements
      • WP Themes Shortlist
      • Required Features
      • WP Plugins Shortlist
      • WP Patterns Shortlist
      • Additional Notes
    • Ideas to Work on
    • Useful Links
    You can view the Planner’s complete Table of Contents and look at sample pages here (the PDF file will open in a new tab).

    More information about the Website Concept Planner

    The “Links” page, located at the beginning of the Planner, contains QR codes. Each of these codes leads to a page containing reference materials and tips on the subject of the Planner. The content of these pages will be constantly supplemented and updated.

    These are the pages:

    Website Concept Planner is available as a 6″ x 9″ book. The Planner volume is 120 pages. You can buy it in hardcover or paperback.

    Where to buy?

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    WordPress Website Concept Planner- view of an open and upside-down book