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WordPress Website Monetization Planner

    WordPress Website Monetization Planner

    “Website Monetization Planner” is a companion Planner to the book “Monetize Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

    Types of classical monetization on the Internet have long been established as separate large infrastructures. They include many standardized systems, platforms, and services, which can be quite accurately divided into types by the tasks they solve. This is understandable: money requires a thorough attitude, and when it comes to money, it is impossible to do without compliance with established laws and regulations.

    Therefore, when choosing a monetization trajectory, the site owner’s choice of counterparties types is not extensive. But within each type, this choice is enormous.

    Of course, the issue of monetization efficiency is the most important for the vast majority of websites. It is for the sake of monetization that they are usually created.

    The purpose of this Planner is to store up-to-date information about monetization methods, tools used, and results obtained.

    How does Website Monetization Planner work?

    The “Website Monetization Planner” is designed to solve several blocks of problems.

    The first block is related to planning and documenting the use of various monetization channels.

    The second block is devoted to the systems and tools serving the monetization channels.

    The third block is accounting and control of the financial results obtained.

    In addition, the Planner contains various stand-alone pages for planning and accounting for multiple activity directions. First, this is an Editorial Calendar focused on using the opportunities associated with seasonal and scheduled events.

    The main component of the Planner is the schedule of tasks to be performed. Monetization not only requires constant attention. For it to be effective, you need to plan the required actions precisely.

    A notable part of the Planner consists of coordinate grids for graphs and diagrams.

    As a result, the Planner turned out to be very diverse in structure. Thus, it is a universal working tool that can be used for a website of any theme and configuration.

    The Planner is designed for one year of work.

    WordPress Website Monetization Planner - side view

    What’s inside the Website Monetization Planner?

    This is the contents (in brief) of the Planner.

    • Links
    • Goals and Objectives by Month
    • Preparing Monetization Channels
      • On-site Monetization Channels
      • Outer Storefronts and Sales Platforms
      • Social Networks, Link in Bio Apps, and Messengers
      • Monetization Toolkit – Services, Plugins, Apps
    • Income, Expense, and Profit Planning
    • Editorial Calendar
    • Task Management
    • Revenue and KPIs tracking
      • Weekly Gathered Data
      • Monthly Gathered Data
    • Purchased Software, Licenses, Courses, and Services
    • Notes and Ideas
    • Collaboration and Partnerships
    • Important Meetings and Events
    You can view the Planner’s complete Table of Contents and look at sample pages here (the PDF file will open in a new tab).

    More information about the Website Monetization Planner

    The “Links” page, located at the beginning of the Planner, contains QR codes. Each of these codes leads to a page containing reference materials and tips on the subject of the Planner. The content of these pages will be constantly supplemented and updated.

    These are the pages:

    Website Concept Planner is available as a 6″ x 9″ book. The Planner volume is 120 pages. You can buy it in hardcover or paperback.

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    WordPress Website Monetization Planner - view of an open and upside-down book