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WordPress Website Maintenance Planner

    WordPress Website Maintenance Planner

    “Website Maintenance Planner” is the companion planner to the book “Maintain Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

    The book “Maintain Your WordPress Website Perfectly” contains a very detailed description of various problem situations related to the technical condition of the site and their possible solutions. This book is an illustrated reference book containing all the information you need to maintain your website. Essentially, the book describes the technological side of the maintenance process.

    This process of website maintenance itself is a monotonous routine. Sticking to a rigid schedule all the time is challenging. This Planner is designed to organize close control of work and store accurate information about its implementation by the technology described in the book. It helps to succeed.

    How does Website Maintenance Planner work?

    When we create a website, everything that happens on the hosting provider’s server is hidden from the outside world, and other than rare and unlikely encounters with “wandering bots,” there is no interaction between the site and the outside world.

    The situation remains the same when we populate a website with content.

    Changes begin when we open the site to visitors. In addition to people, numerous helpful, useless, and harmful bots start to visit the site. Our site undergoes the first check for quality of work and reliability of protection and security tools.

    Then, we begin to work on promoting the site and are constantly increasing our efforts in this direction. Traffic increases, and along with it, the number of unwanted and malicious visitors increases. During this period, site maintenance work becomes critical. Everything that happens needs to be carefully documented so that if problems arise, you have an accurate picture of the state of the site at a time when these problems did not yet exist. And also, of course, have an up-to-date backup copy of the website in case it needs to be completely restored.

    The second area of work, much more constructive, is making improvements, expanding and modernizing the website, and updating plugins and themes. This work should be documented as it progresses, not only in the Website Maintenance Planner but also – if applicable – in the Website Development Planner so that you always have an accurate comprehension of the actual technical condition and configuration of the website.

    The peculiarity of website maintenance work is that it can last as long as desired. Therefore, it needs to be organized. When it comes to maintaining websites, the variety of possible situations is so great that it is undoubtedly impossible to consider them all. Therefore, the Planner contains special sections for regular checks and work (daily, weekly, and monthly) and sections for unscheduled situations, additional work planned, and additional entries.

    The Planner is designed for one year of working with the website.

    WordPress Website Maintenance Planner - side view

    What’s inside the Website Maintenance Planner?

    This is the table of contents of the Planner.

    • Links
    • Website Admin Daily, Weekly and Monthly Duties
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
    • Daily Checks
      • General Notes on Daily Checks
    • Weekly Checks and Tasks
    • Monthly Inspections and Works
    • Urgent Inspections and Works
    • Scheduled Inspections and Works
    • Site Performance Notes
    • Hosting Quality Notes
    • Site Security Notes
    You can view the Planner’s Table of Contents and look at sample pages here (the PDF file will open in a new tab).

    More information about the Website Maintenance Planner

    The “Links” page, located at the beginning of the Planner, contains QR codes. Each of these codes leads to a page containing reference materials and tips on the subject of the Planner. The content of these pages will be constantly supplemented and updated.

    These are the pages:

    Website Concept Planner is available as a 6″ x 9″ book. The Planner volume is 120 pages. You can buy it in hardcover or paperback.

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    WordPress Website Maintenance Planner - view of an open and upside-down book