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WordPress Website Content Creation Planner

    WordPress Website Content Creation Planner

    “Website Content Creation Planner” is a companion Planner to the book “Create Content and Do SEO on Your WordPress Website.”

    The book “Publish Content and Perform SEO on Your WordPress Website” describes the technology and practical techniques for creating SEO-optimized content. This book is an illustrated guide containing complete information that is needed at the stage of filling a website. Essentially, the book describes the technological side of the content creation process.

    “Website Content Creation Planner” contains information about the main independent types of content – categories and posts. These types of content determine a website’s content, and the quality of content preparation greatly influences its success. This Planner aims to keep up-to-date information about published and planned content created by the technology described in the book.

    How does Website Content Creation Planner work?

    Work with the “Website Content Creation Planner” begins with forming a simple and visual version of the semantic core of a website. This version is a list of keywords associated with website categories. Each line of the list corresponds to one post, so linking posts to keywords can and should be done from the very beginning of work.

    Lists of posts in Planner have a continuous numbering. This means that keywords are recorded in the semantic core for a post with a certain number. In the list of published posts, the same number corresponds to an actual post that uses these keywords and will be promoted in search using these exact keywords.

    This is a straightforward and convenient approach, about which a lot has been said. In this Planner, this approach is the basis for organizing the work.

    Essentially, the Planner content is a “technological mirror” of website content that stores all the essential details that complement the capabilities of WordPress and SEO plugins.

    It follows from this that there are few types of pages in the Planner (only two main ones), and its volume corresponds to the number of published posts. The planner is designed for about a year of work and 300 posts, corresponding to reasonably intensive work on a site suitable for monetization. If there are more posts on your site, just continue the list in the next copy of the Planner.

    For reasons related to the volume of information and the nature of the actions performed, all the work to prepare a website for opening to visitors is described in the book “Publish Content and Perform SEO on Your WordPress Website.” moved to “Website Promotion Planner.”

    WordPress Website Content Creation Planner - side view

    What’s inside the Website Content Creation Planner?

    This is the table of contents of the Planner.

    • Links
    • Content Reminders and SEO Basics for Posts
      • Read, Check, Confirm, Use
      • Notes on Content and SEO
    • Semantic Core: Categories, Keywords, and Pointers to Posts
    • Posts
    • Purchased Software, Licenses, Courses, and Services
    • Notes of Site Content

    You can view the Planner’s Table of Contents and look at sample pages here (the PDF file will open in a new tab).

    More information about the Website Content Creation Planner

    The “Links” page, located at the beginning of the Planner, contains QR codes. Each of these codes leads to a page containing reference materials and tips on the subject of the Planner. The content of these pages will be constantly supplemented and updated.

    These are the pages:

    Website Concept Planner is available as a 6″ x 9″ book. The Planner volume is 120 pages. You can buy it in hardcover or paperback.

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    WordPress Website Content Creation Planner - view of an open and upside-down book