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WordPress Website Development Planner

    WordPress Website Development Planner

    “Website Development Planner” is a companion Planner to the book “Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch.” You’ll also need it to document configuration changes during the maintenance phase covered in the Book “Maintain Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

    The book “Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch” contains a detailed description of all the steps that need to be completed to create a working and fully functional website based on the WordPress system. All these actions are arranged in a sequence corresponding to the technology for creating websites. Effectively, this book is an illustrated guide to creating a website using WordPress.

    Website Development Planner is similar in purpose to a logbook: it is designed to document all the actions performed when creating a website. The structure of this Planner is very close to the structure of the book “Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch,” and it is virtually the extension of it towards documenting practically completed work.

    How does Website Development Planner work?

    Working with Website Development Planner begins with registering a domain name and ends with checking the functioning of a functioning website, ready to be filled with content.

    This Planner has no explicit restrictions on the time of use or the amount of work performed. Its main purpose is to serve as a document that contains precise information about the configuration of a created and running website. Therefore, it is possible and advisable to use this Planner throughout the entire life cycle of a website. To do this, you just need to keep the Planner content up to date and promptly update it with information about changes in the website configuration.

    Since a website’s configuration may change during maintenance, this Planner will further complement the “Website Maintenance Planner,” which is designed to document routine procedures for checking the technical condition of a website. These two Planners together make up complete documentation about the configuration and performance of the website, which is available at any time and allows you to comprehend its actual technical condition quickly.

    The entire work of creating a website is very diverse and consists of simple and complex operations that cannot be formally described using the same template. Therefore, this Planner contains a large number of types of specialized pages. Each type of page is designed to document specific actions and has a format that matches those actions.

    WordPress Website Development Planner - side view

    What’s inside the Website Development Planner?

    This is the contents (in brief) of the Planner.

    • Links
    • General Information
    • Site Concept
    • ToDo List
    • Domain Name Registration
      • Companies – Registrars
      • Domains Registered for the Project
    • Hosting
      • Companies – Hosting
      • Hosting Setup
    • CMS Installation
      • Database
      • CMS (WordPress) Pre-Installation
      • CMS (WordPress) Installation
      • CMS (WordPress) Initial Setup
    • CMS Configuring
      • Managing Users
      • Writing and Reading Settings
      • Permalinks Structure
      • Testing and Choosing Plugins
      • Installed and Active Plugins
    • Site Design
      • Testing Themes
      • Installing a Main Theme
      • Customizing the Theme
      • Testing and Choosing Patterns
      • Patterns in Use
      • Checking the Website Look
      • Notes of Site Design
    • Site Structuring
      • Site Inner Structure
      • Creating Pages
      • Navigation
    • Content Publishing Readiness Checklist
    • Important Information
      • Purchased Software, Licenses, Courses, and Services
      • Websites to Analyze
    You can view the Planner’s complete Table of Contents and look at sample pages here (the PDF file will open in a new tab).

    More information about the Website Development Planner

    The “Links” page, located at the beginning of the Planner, contains QR codes. Each of these codes leads to a page containing reference materials and tips on the subject of the Planner. The content of these pages will be constantly supplemented and updated.
    These are the pages:

    Website Concept Planner is available as a 6″ x 9″ book. The Planner volume is 120 pages. You can buy it in hardcover or paperback.

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    WordPress Website Development Planner - view of an open and upside-down book