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Create Content and Do SEO on Your WordPress Website

    Create Content and Do SEO on Your WordPress Website - the front cover view

    What is this book about?

    This is the third book in the “Build and Monetize Your Own WordPress Website” series.

    This book consists of three parts.

    The first part is devoted to creating and SEO optimizing the content of your website built on WordPress. It considers not only text content but also all the main types of content that are usually published on sites built on the WordPress system.

    The second part contains a detailed description of preparing the site for opening to visitors. In it, you will find all the information related to various issues of completing the setup of the appearance and structure of the site, the system for ensuring its security, configuring SEO parameters, and performing multiple additional work and checks.

    The third part of the book describes the process of opening a site to visitors. This rapid and straightforward work is more symbolic and formal rather than technical since everything necessary to open the site is done in the second part.

    The mission of this book is to help you quickly fill your website with quality SEO-optimized content, fully prepare it for a successful start, and open it up to visitors and search engines.

    You can complete such a mission only when you have in your hands a compact, practical guide that leads you step by step toward your intended goal.

    That’s why I didn’t write long-winded descriptions but instead showed specific actions using real-life examples. These actions have been arranged in a sequence that is required to create high-quality and SEO-optimized content on the pages of your website as quickly as possible. It would be best to stick to this sequence and not miss critical instructions and tips.

    Create Content and Do SEO on Your WordPress Website - the front cover and spine, side view

    What is inside?

    The book is structured as a logically ordered practical guide, including solutions to over 100 practical tasks on 15 main topics. All complex topics are discussed step by step, in detail, and with descriptions. Illustrations and explanations are given for each step that requires this.

    The book does not contain unnecessary information, but all tasks and actions are described in great detail and are examined from all sides. This is done so that in the future, you can successfully use the information received, regardless of what configuration your sites will have and what themes and plugins they will use.

    In short, this book teaches not only the execution but also the understanding of various actions through specific examples. This is especially important for work such as content creation and on-site SEO. This work is so complex and varied that a description of the theory alone could take many more pages than this book contains.

    Here’s what you’ll do with this guide that you can do in the future for yourself or your clients.

    You can view the book’s complete table of contents here (the PDF file will open in a new tab).

    Practical value

    When you do all this, your website will be completely ready to perform the tasks that you assigned to it.
    I strongly recommend documenting all the work you have completed using a specialized Planner #3 (“Website Content Creation Planner”). This will allow you to maintain complete control, which will be absolutely necessary in the later stages of your website’s lifecycle.
    Everything you do at the site-filling stage and document in the Planner will be your first practical achievement on the path to commercial success. A completed Planner is an essential working document you will refer to regularly to review progress and document changes.
    The next stage of work on the site will be its promotion. This complex and lengthy process requires constant work and close attention. Website promotion continues as long as your website lives. This process is the subject of the fourth book in the series, “Promote Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

    More information about the “Website Content Creation Planner.”

    More information about the book “Promote Your WordPress Website Perfectly.”

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