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Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch

    Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch - the front cover view

    What is this book about?

    This is the second book in the “Build and Monetize Your Own WordPress Website” series.

    This book is about how to practically create your own website. There is nothing superfluous in it.

    There are no descriptions of all the themes or plugins that the author liked. Only the necessary minimum is indicated from which you can start working. There are no long stories here about how each problem can be solved in dozens of different ways.

    There are no general guidelines or verbose instructions here; everything is shown with real examples showing real actions so that after solving specific problems, you will not have any ambiguities or questions about what specific actions need to be performed.

    The book contains all the necessary information. Here you will find absolutely precise instructions. With these instructions, you will take the first practical steps on the shortest path to your own website.

    Everything is done clearly, simply, and clearly. There is nothing here that distracts from the main task. There is always one correct and short path, and we follow it.

    The main task and sole purpose of this book is to guide you through the entire process of creating a website. All this is done using a real example. This example is a site that will be created before your eyes. You will see and understand everything you learn.

    This book is aimed at getting the results you need with guaranteed quality.

    The mission of this book is to teach beginners how to quickly and easily create technically high-quality websites. Such sites that will have an objectively confirmed level of quality, and not just please with their appearance. A website that works well and is simple in design is always much better than the most beautiful website that works poorly.

    Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch - the front cover and spine, side view

    What is inside?

    In this book, you will find practical answers to more than 100 practical questions on 30 separate, very important tasks, without which it is impossible to create a website.

    Each question is considered as a procedure for performing practical actions to solve a specific problem. Completing each of these steps will bring you one step closer to creating your own website. Each step will give you new knowledge and new skills.

    Here’s what you’ll do to create your own website and be able to do in the future for yourself or for your clients.

    Table of Contents (in brief)

    1. Preparatory Stage
    1.1. Registering a Domain Name for Your Website
    1.2. Preparing Hosting for the Site
    1.3. Domain Delegation
    1.4. Domain Checks
    1.5. DNS Records
    1.6. Installing and Setting Up an SSL Certificate
    1.7. System File .htaccess
    1.8. Website Database
    2. Installing WordPress
    2.1. Getting WordPress onto the Server
    2.2. Preparing to Install WordPress
    2.3. WordPress Installation
    2.4. First Look at the WordPress Interface
    2.5. Initial WordPress Settings
    2.6. Checking the Website Health
    3. Configuring the WordPress Website
    3.1. Editing the Administrator Account
    3.2. Modifying the .htaccess File
    3.3. Installing and Configuring Security Plugins
    3.4. Closing the Website to Visitors
    3.5. Installing and Configuring Performance Plugins
    3.6. Installing and Configuring SEO Plugins
    3.7. Installing Other Recommended Plugins
    4. Customizing the Appearance of the WordPress Website
    4.1. Classic WordPress Themes vs Block Themes
    4.2. Choosing a WordPress Theme
    4.3. Installing the Theme
    4.4. Creating the Child Theme
    4.5. Setting Up the Theme
    4.6. Customizing the Theme with CSS File
    4.7. Classic Theme Usage
    4.8. Checking Website Look
    5. Structuring the WordPress Website
    5.1. Internal Structure of the Website
    5.2. Creating Categories
    5.3. Creating Tags
    5.4. Adding Required Pages
    5.5. Setting Up Menus
    5.6. Checking the Visual Structure of the Site

    You can view the book’s complete table of contents here (the PDF file will open in a new tab).

    Practical value

    This book is the first truly practical guide in the series. It describes step by step, the process of creating a full-fledged website in great detail.

    You just need to follow all the steps described in the book and carefully study the explanations and comments. You will be able to move along the timeline towards the final result consciously, and along the way, you will not have any doubts or unanswered questions. You will know exactly what you are doing and why, what the result will be, and what you need to do next. And, of course, you can and will be able to perform all the actions described in this book independently.

    When you’ve done all this, you’ll have a fully functional, carefully configured website, ready to host real content.

    To ensure that all of the above work brings you maximum benefit, I strongly recommend that you use a specialized Planner #2 (Website Development Planner).

    If you do not feel confident enough, I recommend that before starting work on a real website, you carefully read the book “WordPress Website Building 101”, if you have not already read it, and use the Planner #1 that accompanies it (Website Concept Planner).

    After creating a functioning website, you will have the next step – creating content and filling the site. The next book, “Publish Content and Perform SEO on Your WordPress Website,” is devoted to this stage of work.

    More information about the “Website Development Planner.”

    More information about the book “WordPress Website Building 101.”

    More information about the book “Create Content and Do SEO on Your WordPress Website.”

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