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WordPress WebSite Building 101

    WordPress WebSite Building 101 - the front cover view

    Who this book is for?

    You are not well versed in Internet technologies or have never dealt with or studied them, but do you need to create your own website?
    You do not know many things and, therefore, are not confident in your abilities or even know where to start?

    You need this book to get through it all and win.

    Quite often, the owners of already working sites ask useless questions into the space, experience unnecessary emotions, and are faced with the need to rework what has already been done.

    These questions are: “How did it happen that I didn’t know about this before?” “Why did no one ever tell me about this?” and “How did I not think of such simple things myself?!”.

    These emotions are: “Probably I’m not at all fit for this kind of work,” “It’s too difficult for me, and I’m disappointed,” and “I put a part of myself into this work, and it’s all in vain!”.

    These thoughts are: “I’ll have to redesign the site structure,” “The design is not good because the site pages take too long to load,” “I need to come up with something so that visitors do not leave my site so quickly,” “My content is not searched because I did everything wrong,” etc.

    These questions, emotions, and thoughts have at least two things in common.

    First, they are utterly useless for business and incredibly destructive to the human psyche.
    Second, everything listed above can be avoided if you know how to navigate the subject of creating and operating websites and understand the meaning of each component of these exciting processes.

    This book is written to teach you just that.

    It is written in simple language. Each important topic is considered briefly but in detail, without unnecessary words. Illustrations complement the text, making it easier to understand.

    By reading this book, you’ll be ready to start building a website on your own and interact competently with web tech professionals.

    What is this book about?

    This is the first book in the “Build and Monetize Your Own WordPress Website” series of guides dedicated to creating, developing, and monetizing websites. This cycle is designed for people without experience creating websites or with no significant experience.

    At the beginning of the work, it was assumed all topics could be placed in one book. It turned out that this was not the case. The book would be too, too big.

    Therefore, I had to divide all the topics into several parts and start working on a series of books instead of one.

    The first book gives an idea of the range of questions that need to be studied and problems that need to be solved. It should be read before you begin the practical creation of the site.

    After you have read this book, you can confidently navigate the technical terms and technology of creating websites.

    The knowledge you will gain from this book is the foundation without which it is impossible to create websites consciously. It is necessary to understand every required element of the process of building a website and every aspect of its subsequent operation to succeed.

    This is a must for building your website, especially if you lack information technology training.

    Of course, this is just the beginning. Theory without practical implementation is worth little, and our goal is precisely the practical solution to the problem of creating a high-quality modern website.

    The key to successfully creating a good website is to follow the correct sequence of work. This sequence is described in this book.

    WordPress WebSite Building 101 - the front cover and spine, side view

    What is inside?

    The book consists of 40 monothematic chapters. Each chapter contains a description, analysis, and explanation related to one practical issue.

    Each chapter has its illustration – a diagram, a table, an example screenshot, etc. Each chapter is, in one way or another, related to solving problems at a particular stage of the website life cycle, and the last chapter describes the complete life cycle of a website.

    1. How to correctly name the site and choose a domain name
    2. Top Level Domains: Types, Features, Choices
    3. Second Level Domain: this is “Your Site.”
    4. How to choose a second-level domain name for your website
    5. How to register a domain name
    6. What to do immediately after registering a domain name
    7. How to connect a domain name to your site: “delegate a domain”
    8. How to check the availability of a site under a new domain name
    9. Where to look for expired domain name (dropped domain)
    10. How to check dropped domain
    11. How to buy a domain name from its owner
    12. What kind of site do you need?
    13. Hosting options, or how to choose a hosting company
    14. Ways to access hosting resources
    15. Website builder or your own WordPress website?
    16. Does website design matter?
    17. Does website content matter?
    18. What does content affect, and how does it do it?
    19. What is the importance of website speed?
    20. What is website traffic, and why is it so important?
    21. Preliminary SEO project for your future website
    22. Technical SEO of your website
    23. On-site SEO: How is it done?
    24. Off-site SEO: How is it done?
    25. Working with the site’s semantic core
    26. Website front end: what is it
    27. Website back end: what is it
    28. How a WordPress website is set up
    29. How to manage a WordPress site
    30. What is a WordPress Theme
    31. What is a WordPress Plugin
    32. What is a WordPress pattern
    33. What is the Classic WordPress editor
    34. What is the WordPress Block Editor
    35. How to publish content and what to do next
    36. Ways to monetize your site
    37. What are cookies, why are they needed, and how to work with them
    38. How to work with cPanel
    39. Website promotion and user data
    40. Website Life Cycle Stages

    You can view the book’s complete table of contents here (the PDF file will open in a new tab).

    Practical value

    You probably picked up this book because you know you need your own website but don’t know how to go about it. This is not surprising: creating a website is not difficult, but the process consists of many specific tasks, and you must be able to find a solution for each of them.

    Trying to acquire and learn to use the entire volume of knowledge and skills at once, and only after that start creating a website, is an unproductive and ineffective approach. Even if you have so much time that you can afford to put off starting work on creating a website until you are completely confident and competent, don’t do it. By the end of your training, you will have forgotten what you taught at the beginning.

    The information is significantly heterogeneous; there is a lot of it, and very different tasks are sometimes interconnected in unobvious ways.

    Therefore, the best way to not only feel confident, but also to become truly ready to create your own website is to start working on it in sync with reading this book. Each chapter is a step towards understanding and practical solutions to problems associated with creating a website.

    After completing this book, you will be competent enough to build your own website yourself or to effectively collaborate with professionals you may want to hire to help you with your project.

    To get maximum benefit, use the Website Concept Planner, a companion to this book. As you progress from chapter to chapter, you will be able to document what you learn in the form of ideas and solutions. When you complete this work, you will have a complete concept for your website in your hands.

    This concept will be carefully worked out in every detail and will serve as a starting point for the practical work of creating a website. You’ll know exactly what to do next and be ready for the next step – website development, which is the subject of the next book, called “Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch.”

    More information about the “Website Concept Planner.”

    More information about the book “Build Your WordPress Website from Scratch.”

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